ClickMeeting is a flexible, self-service webinar solution that helps you reach, engage, educate,
and convert your audience. It’s commonly used to conduct presentations, conferences, and training sessions.
ClickMeeting features allow you to create virtual webinar rooms, where you can meet your audience face-to-face, engage them with your presentation, allow for voice interaction and run polls. It also allows you to share your screen and applications, present video and engage your audience on chat. The advanced rebranding tools enable organizations to impress clients with a professional design.
We’re about to launch a completely redesigned webinar room with some great new features, including super-intuitive dashboard and fully responsive room layout. Now webinar hosts can achieve their webinar goals with even less hassle, and focus 100% on delivering their presentation!

Shop description

ClickMeeting brings the power of webinars to organisations of any size, from one-person companies to multinational enterprises. Over 100,000 satisfied customers in 161 countries trust us with their clients. ClickMeeting has been awarded several times with Stevie Award, and is regularly mentioned in The Times, Inc., Forbes, TheTechJournal, Engaged, TechCrunch.