Let’s be real. Your dentist is always telling you…and they’re right you know. Brushing with electric is a far more effective way to achieve those healthy mouth feels. But we get it - electric toothbrushes are traditionally expensive. Buying replacement heads is annoying. And those charging stations - no one needs ugly clutter on their countertops... That’s why we created Brüush! Am electric toothbrush that...
1.) Doesn't break the bank
2.) Sends you replacement heads as you need 'em
3.) Looks great on your countertop
Brüush is a premium electric toothbrush with a luxury look and feel, and is equipped with all of the bells and whistles including...
- Sonic technology delivering 31,000 brush strokes per minute
- 6 powerful cleaning modes for every type of mouth
- A built-in timer that makes certain you brush your teeth for a full 2 minutes
- A quad-pacer that ensures you make the most of these 2 minutes by pausing every 30 seconds to prompt you to move to a different corner of your mouth
- Industry-leading 4-week battery life - Top-of-the-line Dupont Tynex bristles

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