Top Secret Hair Fibers

About Us

 Top Secret was developed by a well known actor who was always fascinated with the techniques he watched makeup artists and hair stylists use on movie sets to make actors look like younger and more vibrant. One technique that particularly caught his attention was an airbrush technique, whereby wet make up was blown onto the scalp, essentailly filling in thinning areas.

Almost 20 years ago years he discovered even better results with the use of a handheld atomizer.  “It was like watching an amazing magic trick unfold in front of your eyes,” he thought, and had an epiphany that this was something that needed to be available,  not just for makeup artists and movie stars, but for everyone. 

The atomizer was almost impossible to find and was sold in a non-descript box.  The hair fibers were sold separately. His idea was to package the two products together as one unit and so, in between acting jobs, he began his journey toward building a hair fiber company.

There were limitations with the initial atomizer so he hired an engineer and together they invented the now patented One-Handed Precision Applicator, which allows you to apply the fibers using just one hand so that your other hand is free to maneuver the existing hair as necessary. 

The appliactor has eveloved and improved even further over the years and has recevied a second patent, this time for the removable cap with a holstered nozzle.  This allows the entire unit to stay clean at all times, and is designed to be compact enough so it can easily fit in your pocket or purse.

The rubber buld has been perfected so that it is easy to compress and offers precsiion control, which prevents clumping and overspraying.  It sprays a small amount of fibers, so you can layer them on top of eachother and build your hair thickness to your desire.

Top Secret Fibers were formulated with the help of some of the biggest names in the hair business.  Our colors are more realistic and the consistency of our fibers makes them look more like natural hair than any other fiber product on  the market. 

Today, Top Secret is the premiere system for creating thicker, fuller hair used by top hair and make up artists on movie sets, runway shows, Broadway plays and by tens of thousands of happy customers everywhere.

With TopSecret Hair Fibers you can fill in thinning areas quickly and easily by applying a light mist of natural keratin fibers. A remarkably simple solution that blends seamlessly with your hair to look thicker and fuller. Apply more precisely with our patented Air Pump Spray Applicator.