MatchingDonors was co-founded in 2004 by Mr. Paul Dooley and Dr. Jeremiah Lowney. Mr. Dooley from Canton, MA met with his Internist, Dr. Lowney from Boston, MA. and related a story about his father who was told that although he was very ill from cancer and was told he would be in need of a new kidney soon he would not be placed on the national transplantation waiting list. The reason was because the list was so long that by the time a kidney would become available Mr. Dooley’s father would not still be alive. Obviously this was troubling. Mr. Dooley also the founder an award winning Internet jobboard called He asked Dr. Lowney if a web site matching potential live organ donors to people in need of organ transplant would help the problem of organ shortage. Both men decided to research the issue and found a National Kidney Foundation survey of 1,000 people, which were asked if they would consider live organ donation to a complete stranger. To their surprise, 25% said they would consider the donation. The co-founders then got to work to create the web site